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Thank you for taking time to read about me!

I’m Veronika Mantziou, I am 21 years old and this year I will be doing my MPhil in Genetics at University of Cambridge with high aspirations of completing a PhD degree in this field.

Throughout my life I was fascinated by the arts. I have a wide experience in acting, participating both in theatrical, musical productions and film ones, but also, I have a Certificate of ‘’Excellence’’ in piano.

Concerning modelling, it has always been a passion of mine, which I was lucky enough to explore and gain incredible experiences. I was fortunate to work with many photographers (including award-winning) that helped me evolve as a model, but also as a human being. Because for me modelling is all about becoming familiar with your image, loving it and loving yourself through it. Modelling allows you to witness your outer and inner beauty and acknowledge that everyone has a unique undeniable charm.

Furthermore, I have always been involved with sports. I am a national rower of Greece and I have taken part in many championships in the UK. Working-out is part of my life and keeps me motivated to achieve more and more every day maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy the amazing products featured here. Give a treat to yourself because you deserve it!

Warm wishes to everyone,

Veronika Mantziou